Why not go fully 3D geospatial?

The typical route to market properties involves 3D rendered images, some aerial view imagery, and 3D floor plans, which can work fine for individual properties but for condominiums to large skyscrapers, better to go with a 3D geospatial tool that is web-accessible for all users.

We combine data analytics, spatial imagery, visualization effect, and architectural design for meaningful information.

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This London aerial view available in the VIRTUALYTICS cloud dashboard uses satellite imagery or aerial drone photogrammetry through third-party local drone agencies for remote areas where satellite imagery is not good enough.

The immersive interiors walkthrough of every units on sale are created with Autodesk 3ds Max and exported to UE5 and into the Virtualytics dashboard leveraging other third-party engines. We offer as well 360° videos where the user can move the view anywhere, anytime. We can switch day time, weather, interior design in a single click.

The interiors and exteriors are displayed on a different scene; users can click to move inside or outside.

The user can move live in the property thanks to our partner Archviz Twinmotion ©
Weather and time of day change with people walking in the street

Our dashboard is not only for internal office meeting at a large real estate promoter or builder. These immersive interactive walkthroughs run smoothly on any device including but not obligatory VR headsets.