In the real estate market, GPT can generate virtual tours and interactive 3D models of properties. This can be especially useful for properties that are not yet built or are under construction. For example, we will use GPT to generate a virtual tour of a new housing development before it is buil. Additionally, GPT can be used to generate virtual interior design options for potential buyers to visualize how a property could look after renovation. Coupled with our hyper-realistic 3D models dataset, we are able to deliver faster immersive interactive experiences.

GPT can help deliver 3D services to clients in the real estate market industry in several ways:

  1. Generating property descriptions: GPT can be fine-tuned to generate descriptions for properties, including details about the property’s location, size, and features.
  2. Virtual tours and walkthroughs: GPT can generate instructions for customers to use virtual tours and walkthroughs for properties.
  3. Automating the process of creating 3D models: Coupled with 3D software, automation tools and a large dataset of quality 3D assets, GPT can be used to automatically generate 3D models of properties, which can save time and resources for a 3D architectural design company.
  4. Generating floor plans and layouts: GPT can be used to generate detailed floor plans and layouts of properties, which can be used to help customers visualize the layout of the property. This also saves us time and will allow us to deliver quality 3D interactive floor plans at the cost of a 2D plan in the marketplace.
  5. Generating speech for virtual reality experiences: GPT can be used to generate speech for our immersive virtual reality experiences, which can be used to make the experience more engaging for our customers.
  6. Suggesting design changes and identifying issues in 3D models: Machine learning models with GPT can be fine-tuned to suggest design changes (variations) and identify issues in 3D models of properties, which can help live presentation of properties and hence sell better under-construction buildings.

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