About Aerial Rendering


Aerial view renderings are special in the fact that they generally are linked with a special need of the client to position the property within an existing location. This location has often pre-existing buildings around it. Sometimes, it can be totally isolated, in this case the task is simpler. 

On the first case, we will use satellite imagery to integrate the building within the pre-existing map. On the second case, we can either simulate buildings around it or just let it isolated on which case a nice vegetation and landscaping skill is required. 

The minimum inputs we ask the client to start an aerial view rendering project are:

  • The exact coordinates of the property including land area and any detail on the vegetation required on top.
  • Architectural 2D plans. These are detailed, precised plans that will be useful for our 3D modeling needs. We need at least information of the exterior shape and texture or material used.
  • For isolated properties, ideas or images of what would be around (building types, cities, countryside etc..).

That’s it.

After that, we will be able to work out on a 3D model that replicates your vision.



Creating a 3d rendered aerial view image of your property is a great way to provide clarity for your future buyers.

Each aerial view project requires specific attention to landscape which include vegetation, integration with existing 3D maps and vegetation to be added. We use photorealistic libraries, common in the rendering industry. Our pricing depends on the number of features and details required. 

Aerial view is about architectural visualization and making the life easy for your sales and future buyer to understand and conceptualize the complete project. This is particularly true for large scale project. In such case, an aerial view is often asked.



Thanks to our photorealistic 3D forest and plants library and our personal supercomputer, we can provide unlimited details to the scene from stones to flowers, to seasonal effect. We integrate those 3D meshes into the scene environment in a realistic way, with accurate size, reflections, shadows, lighting,  and colour bounces.

Once the full 3D scene is complete we can render as many images from aerial view to fit exactly the vision of the client.

How does it work during an aerial rendering project?

  1. You send us an architectural 2D plan.
  2. We ask a first payment to confirm the project (between 30 and 60 %).
  3. We start our 3D modeling to render the image. If you have already a 3D model of the building, we can just provide landscaping services and skip steps 1 and 2.
  4. We send a first draft in shaders showing camera angles. 
  5. You come back with a first feedback (revision 1), the scope of the changes are generally camera angles, exterior design or landscape style.
  6. We come back with a first rendering image after revision 1. 
  7. There is new client feedback loop (revision 2).
  8. We integrate the client comments and improve the image rendering.
  9. The client does a final revision (3 in general is enough). At this stage, we should only do little, detailed changes. If extra revisions, are needed, this comes to an additional extra fee as this will lenghten the duration of the delivery. 
  10. A final invoice is sent to the client.
  11. We send the final version without watermark.
  12. For clients wishing to get a NFT. We mint the exterior building NFT to authenticate the client ownership right over the 3D model project and they can then sell digital copies to our VirtualiaWorld or other compatible Metaverse platforms.

What is the typical timeframe?

Aerial view rendering images take generally three to two weeks but can vary given the level of details required. 
We offer 3 revisions. Our pricing integrate the time of each revision in average. Additional revisions may delay the final delivery time and cost more.


We use the latest technology in 3D rendering, with powerful supercomputers to render high-quality images rapidly. However, our core specialty resides in providing immersive and interactive 3D walkthroughs, a standard that is difficult to meet in the industry even by architects.

As an innovative startup, we also offer NFTs to clients interested to monetize their property project to Metaverse worlds such as VirtualiaWorlds.

We also invested heavily in high-quality texture, material, landscaping software to offer unique photorealistic renders from standard quality to the highest level we can get today. With a background in spatial engineering, we know how to leverage satellite imagery to integrate your project in known environments. 


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