Interactive 3D Floor Plans


3D floorplans are a great tool to provide quickly lots of information about a property in a clear visual way, especially the ability to see the whole picture, the flow and dimensions of each room and how all links together. 

We can merge those 3D Floor Plans with a site map.

We also add interactivity to see more details with tooltip popups on specific area of the plan. This is perfect tool to be used for approval or rejection in a management meeting. Our interactive 3D Floor Plans can be critical in the decision-making process without spending too much in more complex renderings.

Finally, another useful use case of 3D Floor Plans are in renovation. This is a cheap and efficient solution to get an overall idea of how the house would look like.


3D floor plans are now pretty common in real estate portal for under construction assets and even existing properties.

We offer of course 3D Floor Plans for both existing and under construction assets. The way we proceed can be different. If you don’t have an architectural 2D plan for an existing property, we can come and scan in 3D and take measure with lasers.

What is the difference between classic still 3D floor plan images and interactive ones?

Adding interactivity to your 3D floor plans allow for your future buyer to remember better the property as they would simply act. The simple action to be participant makes the overall experience much more intuitive and also can provide limitless possibilities, such as hyperlinks to detailed pages, a focus on specific equipment, or attaching media content such as a video, or a timelapse how a similar property construction is made.

In that regards, we offer something different to the market, confirming that our specialty is bringing immersive interactive experience for the client. You won’t find this service easily elsewhere.

What are the minimum inputs?

The minimum inputs we ask the client to start an interactive 3D floor plan project are:

  • Architectural 2D plans. These are detailed, precised plans that will be useful for our 3D modeling needs. We get exact dimensions and placement of the objects inside the property.  If you are an individual looking for renovation, or simply is the homeowner of an old property, you may not have it. In this case, we can offer free 3D scanning services with laser if you are near our offices. Otherwise, we will ask for pictures, and handrawn sketches with dimensions.
  • Furniture Moodboard. Those can be thematic lists such as a particular interior designing style or brands. For existing properties, we try to match your furniture with our 3D asset library. If you wish complete change of furniture, we can do so at this stage. We also offer 3D modelling services if you want a specific custom object to be in the rendering image. This can be true for luxury properties and hotels. You can also share pictures of what you like or examples of the final rendering you found online so we can reproduce something similar. The more precise the better for all parties.
  • Finally, for the interactivity layer, you specify the type of interactivity you are looking for, and provides us with all media and hyperlink addresses.

That’s it.

After that, we will be able to work out on an interactive 3D Floor Plan that replicates your vision.



How does it work during an interior rendering project?

  1. You send us an architectural 2D plan if you have one or any picture, sketches regarding dimensions and placements of objects in the property. You also share with us your design style, and furniture images, appliances you would like to see. If you don’t have it, and this is an existing property, we can come with our 3D camera to scan the property and retrieve the dimensions.
  2. We ask a first payment to confirm the project (between 30 and 60 %).
  3. We agree on the furniture moodboard (either close replica of what you have, or a complete new set/style).
  4. We start our 3D modeling to render the image from the top, and get the 3D floor plan.
  5. We send a first draft in HD resolution. 
  6. You come back with a first feedback (revision 1), the scope of the changes are generally design or furniture style.
  7. We come back with a first 4K rendering image after revision 1. 
  8. There is new client feedback loop (revision 2). 
  9. We integrate the client comments and improve the 3D floor plan rendering. At this stage we add interactivity based on media content and instructions provided by the client.
  10. The client does a final revision (3 in general is enough). At this stage, we should only do changes in interactivity. If extra revisions, are needed, this comes to an additional extra fee as this will lenghten the duration of the delivery. 
  11. A final invoice is sent to the client.
  12. We send the final version without watermark.

What is the typical timeframe?

Interactive 3D Floor Plan images take generally less than a week but can vary given the level of details required. 
We offer 3 revisions. Our pricing integrate the time of each revision in average. Additional revisions may delay the final delivery time and cost more.


We use the latest technology in 3D rendering, with powerful supercomputers to render high-quality images rapidly. However, our core specialty resides in providing immersive and interactive 3D walkthroughs, a standard that is difficult to meet in the industry even by architects.

As an innovative startup, we also offer NFTs to clients interested to monetize their property project to Metaverse worlds such as VirtualiaWorlds.

We also invested heavily in high-quality texture, material, landscaping software to offer unique photorealistic renders from standard quality to the highest level we can get today. With a background in spatial engineering, we know how to leverage satellite imagery to integrate your project in known environments. 


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